Supplement effect can be expected

 This website, and the introduction of commercial supplements that are said to be effective in hepatitis C (HCV), work and component effect, has been published with information such as the side effects.
The hepatitis C, the liver disease caused by infection with hepatitis C virus, the source of infection, it seems that many infected cases, such as with a needle that has been contaminated, such as blood transfusion.
Other routes of infection, drug abuse by using the injection needle, mother-to-child transmission, medical accidents, there is infection by sexual activity.

Hepatitis C virus holders in Japan, because it is estimated that approximately 2 million people, is why there is a risk that the enormous number of people is to cirrhosis and cancer. There is interferon medication as an effective treatment, but the fever and headache, or has been said that there are also side effects such as loss of appetite, it seems not work in all patients.

So, people who do not interferon treatment, are you doing what you.
In the hospital patients, while watching AST (GOT) and the numerical value by the inspection of ALT (GPT), we are treated to return to the normal value.

Other hepatitis C virus holders, so doth even people who do not feel the symptoms so much, it seems larger as it is of people.
However, liver while do not appear symptoms is said that organ of silence people, it's also possible that medical condition has deteriorated.

While a hepatitis C holders, who do not want to go to the hospital, those who do not want to interferon treatment, who interferon did not work, who can not go to busy, to those who do not have the treatment fee, you want I will definitely give it a try It is a supplement. In recent years, the component is said to be or not to effectively work in hepatitis C from the researchers of the presentations and papers have come out variety. cheap pro scooters . . . obat kuat alami

Since supplements that contain such possible component has been released a lot, in HCV carriers, probably the bright news.

Intended to effects on hepatitis C is expected, lactoferrin, silymarin, stevia, linoleic acid, β-carotene, FK-23 bacteria, vitamin D2, purple ipe, turmeric, so there taurine or the like, each examine the information It is described in the page.

This site, and posted the information of the likely supplement that work, is looking for an effect information from you at the bulletin board.
In addition, since I myself have hepatitis C holders (HCV carriers), (it is exaggerated) or rather its human experimentation, and ultimately continue to verify the effect of a variety of supplements, the virus disappeared along with the HCV carriers everyone our goal.

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